colpick: a simple online color picker and schemer

Dont't have Photoshop and need a quick color? colpick color picker is an online color picker I developed recently aiming general users and designers. It allows to easily select a color the same way as in Photoshop, giving RGB, HEX and HSB color values. It serves a double purpose as it also helps me maintain the colpick jQuery plugin behind it. Some of its features aim web designers: RGB and HSL codes in CSS format for easy copy/pasting and basic color schemes: analogous, complementary, triad and square. It creates color schemes based on the currently selected color.


It also allows users to save up to ten colors (using a cookie) and has a list of color hexes used by famous brands (Facebook blue, Android green ...). Users may share the selected color using a short link.

It's main goal is to substitute Photoshop's picker when you don't have it and serve any other color picking need. Please consider adding it to favorites as it may be a handy resource. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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  1. Hi There,

    I was wondering if your plugin supports setting the initial color picker palette color dynamically? Otherwise it will always default to the same initial color.


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