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Getting started with Icarus Verilog on Windows

Icarus Verilog is a Verilog standard IEEE-1364 compiler that targets Linux but works almost as well on Windows. It's lightweight, free software and includes a virtual machine that simulates the design. This tutorial goes through the process of downloading, installing and using Icarus Verilog to write a simple program, compile it, simulate it and view the simulation results on a timing diagram. It assumes no previous knowledge on Verilog, but prior programming experience is recommended.

Installing Icarus Verilog

Download Icarus Verilog latest stable release for Windows from:

Installing Icarus Verilog is as easy as installing any other Windows program. Just hit next, but be sure to select GTK Wave (full installation) and "Add Executables to Windows Path" option. You should be able to use it from a Command Prompt by now. On Windows Vista/7/8 press Windows key and type cmd to open a command prompt. Just type "iverilog" and you should get a message saying "iverilog: no source files" and some instructions. Type "gtkwave" and the GTKWave GUI should open. This program is used to view the simulation results graphically on a timing diagram.

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Age of Empires 4 closer after new AoE releases

When will Age of Empires 4 finally be released? Will it be released at all? Those are questions many of us, Age of Empires fans have been wondering for years. Even though the franchise is still owned by Microsoft, no Age of Empires 4 title has been announced. However, after several years of silence, three titles have been announced in the last two years, bringing back hope to the community.

Clues of Age of Empires 4

Some unnoficial game trailers and many forum threads can be found on the internet but the only official clue we have about a fourth version is the art book apparently included with Age of Empires III Complete Collection:

Age of Empires 4 art book / brochure

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